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I’ve decided to move out of my apartment in Miami a little early and move into a smaller place that is more convenient for my wife, and cheaper. But selling my furniture has been an absolute nightmare. I have this one sofa set that doesn’t easily fit through any doorway. Every move so far has been torture, so I was excited about getting rid of these. However, I haven’t had a single call or email about it. Hmmm…  I’ve discounted them to 50% and not a call?

I guess the economy is indeed having an impact on spending patterns!

Or maybe craigslist just isn’t that great if you’re not selling standard things that everyone is interested in.  I listed something else for $300 and keep getting emails telling me they’d buy it for a $100. Wow.

Talking of cheaper, how is it that I’m broke already, even before paying a single business school bill?

Hopefully the four months at this apartment will help me save a little.

I don’t like moving.

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