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I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks as I was traveling out of the country. Yesterday after 14 hours of flying and 6 hours of driving, I arrived at Stanford. Since my request to change my apartment assignment from a Munger studio to an EV studio went through that’s where I checked in early on Saturday morning. I didn’t plan my arrival date as well as I would have liked and ended up missing some welcome events that were planned for earlier in the week by second year students. I’m determined to not miss anything at least from now on. I also had to really scramble with a combination of “expedited” half.com orders and amazon.com orders to get my textbooks in time for the weekend.

This week is week zero at the GSB and class schedule is different from the regular one. The schedule includes a class called “Managing Groups and Teams” that meets every day of this week, has a take home final on Friday, and then is basically done for the term. Also the finance class covers accounting during week zero. All of these classes assigned homework/reading to be done prior to class.

The EV studio is basic but not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be. It’s definitely no Schwab residence (reception, package delivery facilities, air conditioning, etc), but it’s a manageable size, is furnished fine and not too far from classes or Schwab.

I will write more later this week, about the Welcome Dinner, the speeches from the student leaders and study group meetings, as I get some time.

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