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sling-iphoneI’ve been waiting for Sling Player to come out on iPhone for a while now (almost an year actually). Unfortunately the last couple of weeks have not brought much good news.

– First, Sling announced that older Slingboxes are not compatible: ouch, now that I’m going to business school it will be hard to justify buying a new slingbox just to get the iphone app

– Second, there are rumours that AT&T is pushing back on Sling. First we had a TOS change that was pretty obviously targeted at Sling and then quickly pulled again. Now the rumours say the app has been officially rejected. We all knew this was a possibility but hoped that the popularity of Sling would win the day.

What does this mean for us: if the rumours are true, we will likely see a wifi only Slingplayer.

I honestly don’t know why we have apps coming out that are wifi only. Skype for example. I want my slingplayer (or Skype) on the move, when I’m on the train, when I’m walking to work, etc. Not when I’m at home by my wifi router.

Sling on wifi for me is as good as no Sling at all.

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