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I just read an article by someone who I assume is completely well intentioned but managed to bother me quite a bit. The article titled “An outsider’s guide to the Tamil Crisis” – (link) is written by an Australian social worker. How someone talked to a few people in Australia and over a couple of days decided to write an “Outsider’s Guide” to the conflict in Sri Lanka is something that I cannot comprehend.

The individuals who are protesting “Genocide” in Australia and Canada fall into two buckets.

a)Innocent civilians who are fed limited information by LTTE Supporters who run various community organizations: This was demonstrated fully this week when it came to light that the World Tamil Movement based in Canada had a leader who was appointed personally by the leader of the LTTE!

b) LTTE Supporters (like the leaders of the British Tamil Forum) who are openly breaking the law in their respective countries by supporting a banned terror organization.

For those who are exposed to these elements: I beg of you, please don’t just believe what the person next to you tells you. Look up the conflict, read what the FBI has to say (link), and try to form your own “guide” based on information from both sides.

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