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I’ve neglected telling my readers  about life at the GSB, with a lot of my recent posts focusing on technology.  This is an attempt to tell you what life at the GSB is like on an average day.

6:30 AM: Wake-up, scramble to read case for e-commerce class and if there’s time left, read some Accounting too. No reading for marketing today because it’s Industrat day (I’ll explain below). hmm probably no time for accounting.

7:55 AM: Bike like crazy towards the business school, EV Studio where I live is just about 5 minutes away, if you bike fast enough.

8:01 AM: Arrive in accounting. Prof. Jagolinzer is amazing. The first accounting class that I have truly enjoyed. He starts by putting up the name of a student in class who is apparently getting married soon. Interspersed between the discussion of new accounting standards are funny videos and blurbs designed to keep students engaged and awake. Believe it or not, this accounting prof. spent 10 years in the US air force as a T-37B Instructor, Spin Demonstration Pilot and as an E-3 AWACS Aircraft Commander, BEFORE, he decided to study accounting, wow!  The material is about accounting for stock grants to management, a topic that many students have strong opinions about: class debate heats up and gets very interesting.

9:45 AM: Run through Arbuckle cafe for a quick breakfast. Yes, they have more of the breakfast burritos left!  Say hi to friends and classmates as they scurry through the cafe as well.

10:00 AM: Arrive at a room inside the Jackson Library for marketing. The class has two components. One is a case driven lecture and the second day is a competition of sorts. We use a simulator (Industrat) to compete as teams and test out our marketing learning and make our companies the most profitable. Let’s look at the stock chart: wow, our team is doing well and investors like our companies stock! Screen shot of that to look at it later? 🙂

Negotiate with other team that we have formed a joint venture with, discussing the use of research facilities to develop new products. Looks like we got the better end of this JV agreement that I helped craft last week. Scramble during the last few minutes of session to submit our decisions for processing through the Industrat system. Next week’s report will be an interesting read (we receive a company and market report some time over the week telling us home our company and our competitors performed).

12:00 Noon: Go into a classroom to hear founders of two interesting consumer oriented start-ups talk about their experiences. Recent grads who have built successful entrepreneurial ventures, they talk about how they approached initial vendors, how funding was obtained and what made their businesses successful. I have an interesting chat with a classmate about how it would be great to hear from failed businesses as well, but I can see how that’s hard to do!

1:00 PM: Arrive for advanced IT (e-commerce) with prof. Haim Mendelson. Wow, I’ve never been this early to class. Prof. Mendelson really cares about attendance and after seeing him ask a student to put down his name on the seating chart for being a minute or so late, I have not been late to class!

This is my favorite class at the GSB so far. Prof. Mendelson knows the e-commerce world like the back of his hand. What’s most amazing is that he manages to know the most recent developments as well and every case we read has been written by him and edited with the most recent happenings in that area. On some weeks he also brings successful leaders to class to talk about their businesses (including the president of paypal last week). Today is a case discussion on the gaming space: again a topic that I love. We talk about the evolution of the gaming industry, the battle for supremacy in the living room and Nintendo’s unique strategy. Class discussion is lively and interesting. Prof. Mendelson maneuvers the discussion expertly. Next week we will be talking about mobile gaming world and the future, nice!

4:00 PM: I have a bit of a breather. Check email, going to Tahoe this weekend?, hmm probably can’t make it, too many company meetings on Monday :(, maybe next weekend. Can I swap one of my interview slots with a friend who has a conflict? sure. Company A would like to interview me: great, accept interview invite. Any resumes due soon? Not for a couple of days: procrastinate.

5:30 PM: Meet Stanford GSB admit to talk about the school and answer questions. The alumni center is a great place for this type of meeting. Grab a coffee and tell the admit just how much I love the experience.

6:30 PM: Head to a small group dinner: an excellent system put in place at Stanford where students can meet up for dinner and have the school reimburse them for the cost of dinner, as long as the dinner is publicly announced and the same group has not had a small group dinner before. An excellent way to make new friends and learn more about classmates. A good way to meet MBA2’s as well since the small groups include members of both classes.

8:00 PM: Excuse myself to run home, I just remembered that I have an assignment due at midnight for the iPhone application development class that I’m taking: I love the class but weekly assignments are getting harder to get done on time.

An episode of Caprica to calm myself? I convince myself that it will probably make me more productive as I tackle the assignment! Wow, Caprica is getting really interesting, love this show.

8:30 PM: Can’t watch any more Caprica, get to work coding in xCode. I think it was really nice of my classmate to lend me the Mac that I’m using for the class (since iPhone app development can only be done on a Mac).

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I recently had the opportunity to play with a new Google Nexus One. On the face of things, it’s a beautiful phone with great graphics and a very responsive UI (the responsiveness definitely puts my iPhone to shame). I also love the speech recognition that is embedded within the OS.

But I didn’t end my session with my usual, “oh, I have to get one of these” for a couple of reasons.

– For browsing, not having multi-touch really sucks.

– From what I heard from the owner, the battery life doesn’t seem that great.

– Most importantly, I’m skeptical about how much developers will be able to fully develop Android apps without customizing for each phone because of quite significant differences in Android phone models. trackballs, keyboards, or lack of etc.

– I’m not sure what Google is doing with selling the phone independent of Carrier/contract is really that radical. This has been done by lot’s of other phone manufacturers like Nokia for many years.

– The phone will not work on AT&T’s 3G network, so you’re stuck with T-Mobile who has a long way to go with their network coverage.

Overall though, it’s great to see some alternative multimedia smart phones out there. I’m tired of every single person I meet on campus having an iPhone.

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I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks as I was traveling out of the country. Yesterday after 14 hours of flying and 6 hours of driving, I arrived at Stanford. Since my request to change my apartment assignment from a Munger studio to an EV studio went through that’s where I checked in early on Saturday morning. I didn’t plan my arrival date as well as I would have liked and ended up missing some welcome events that were planned for earlier in the week by second year students. I’m determined to not miss anything at least from now on. I also had to really scramble with a combination of “expedited” half.com orders and amazon.com orders to get my textbooks in time for the weekend.

This week is week zero at the GSB and class schedule is different from the regular one. The schedule includes a class called “Managing Groups and Teams” that meets every day of this week, has a take home final on Friday, and then is basically done for the term. Also the finance class covers accounting during week zero. All of these classes assigned homework/reading to be done prior to class.

The EV studio is basic but not nearly as bad as I imagined it would be. It’s definitely no Schwab residence (reception, package delivery facilities, air conditioning, etc), but it’s a manageable size, is furnished fine and not too far from classes or Schwab.

I will write more later this week, about the Welcome Dinner, the speeches from the student leaders and study group meetings, as I get some time.

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