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HP DV2 PavilionNotebookreview.com did a review of the new HP Pavilion DV2 today. This was interesting becauseĀ  it features AMD’s brand new “Yukon” platform featuring a Neo processor. I’m also a strong believer in HDMI ports in laptops, I use my HDMI port all the time to watch Netflix movies, connect directly to my receiver/TV etc.

I was excited thinking this could be a perfect notebook for an MBA student.

It seemed to have all the right ingredients (at least those that I was looking for)

12+ inch screen (10 inch might be too small for spreadsheet work)

HDMI port, decent graphics card

Good keyboard/touchpad


Then, I read about the battery life tests: disappointing. The temps might be a little on the high side as well.

Also, if the goal is to differentiate as a better performing notebook processor than the Atom (it has to be better if it has less battery life), performance needs to be noticeably better: Unfortunately 103 vs 114 seconds on wPrime is not much of a difference. Also in multi tasking (running outlook, Mozilla etc at the same time-everyone does this), the Atom does significantly better as shown by CNET in this comparison. To make matters worse HP is pricing these at a price point ~$300 higher than notebooks like the 1000HE from Asus. Yes, the screen is 2 inches bigger but with mediocre performance and battery life, it doesn’t cut it.

I do really want AMD to come up with some real competition against Intel but they keep making products that are not quite good enough, helping Intel strengthen their grip even more.

Bottomline: this is NOT the ideal notebook for the MBA student.

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