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I had to share some of the hilarious emails I’ve been getting from scam artists on Craigslist in response to my postings. I gave the FBI Internet Crime Division Contact Name, Address and Phone Number in Miami and asked them to go ahead and send the check to that address.

Example email 1 (from Carl Peter: carlpeter2008@gmail.com):

Thanks for the mail,I appreciate your response to my inquiry. I really want to buy this furniture from you. I would love to come and check it  my self but I just got married and I’m presently on honeymoon,am okay with the price  and will like to tell you that am paying via chasier check or money oder and also make arrangement with the shiping company for the pick up.i will like you to get back to me with your full names and address for me to mail out the payment to you.

PLEASE NOTE……The payment i will be sending will be of  excess this you will give to the shiping company for the pick up when they contact you.all you need to do is to get the money verified and faithfully deduct your own money and send the balance to the shipping company .The shiping company will contact you as soon as you receive the payment.please let me know if this sounds good to you.i will be waiting to read from you soon.And the payment will get to you as soon as possible.

You are blessed

Example Email 2 (from Ona Warley: banjowharley003@gmail.com)

Thanks for the quick response and i am interested in the item you
advertised because I like the condition you stated about it and I will
like to make an outright purchase immediately so I will want you
withdraw the advert from the web.
Regarding the payment term,I can only for now pay you with a
certified check in U.S. dollars,so pls let me have the following
informations so that the payment can be made to you :
1.Your full name to be on the check.
2.Your postal address.
3.Your postal code
4.Your mobile phone number (For easier communications).
Kindly get me the above requested information as soon as
possible. Concerning the shipment,it is my regular mover that will
come for the pick up as soon as you receive your money in hands.
Thanks in Advance.

Editing the article to add some more scammer email addresses:

Scammers Hall of Shame:

anthony smith: anthony_smith001@live.com

smith taylor: smithlord101@gmail.com

Nelson Brown: nelson_brwn05@yahoo.com

Matthew Lee: matthewlee10026@gmail.com

Tony Randy: tonyhandy19@gmail.com

Pop Lawra: poplawra@gmail.com

Ona Warley: banjowharley003@gmail.com

Carl Peter: carlpeter2008@gmail.com

grodwell dennis: gdennis75@googlemail.com

Quote from “Nelson Brown”: Hey,  just surf through the ads you have on here on craigslist and it’s actually what i wanna buy. I will like to purchase these item from you, hope it’s still available for sale… I would have demanded for your phone number so as to call you but i am a deaf person, either way it goes, i am always online so you can email me back.

Quote from Tony Randy: Thanks,i don’t think i really need any more picture,i only wanted to know the interest of the seller,i am just moving into my new apartment and i would want to retain this item while am away so i`ll send a draft from my bank to cover the cost as i am satisfied with what i have seen so far,anyway,i will not be available for the  pick up due to my job transfer and my tight schedule,but my intention is to hire a mover to pick it up.
i will need the details of whom and where to mail the draft.it would be delivered through the United Parcel Service(UPS)within 2-3 days.
NB:UPS do not deliver to p.o box addresses.

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