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Microsoft is doing a pretty good pre-order promotion for Windows 7 that offers upgrade versions of the new operating system at a greater than 50% discount. Amazon is making the deal even sweeter by offering free release day delivery of Windows 7.

Unless you bought a notebook since June 26th with Windows Vista, this will be the cheapest upgrade path. Based on my experience with Windows 7, I think its a significant improvement over Vista and at $49.99 (for Home Premium) a must have.

This end July 11th or when supplies end, so get on it soon!


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For business school students starting in the Fall who are about to buy a notebook computer for school, there are many alternatives. Notebook manufacturers offer many different product lines and models, numerous form factors that work and multiple operating system options. For example, Dell offers the excellent Latitude line from their business division, the XPS line, the Vostro line and even a series of netbooks.

Once you have the notebook you want figured out, there’s one more thing that you should keep in mind. If you decide to go for a Windows based notebook, Microsoft is about to release a major upgrade to Windows, called Windows 7. Vista, as you may know already, was not liked by a majority of those who switched to it. Vista takes up a LOT of resources and requires a more powerful computer to do almost the same things that you could do with an XP based computer before. In many cases upgrading from Vista to XP led to declines in performance infuriating users.

So what does Windows 7 have to offer:

Two main things really. First, a system that doesn’t need as much “overhead” as Vista did, i.e. it can run on a lot less resources.  Second, better performance.

Based on numerous reports from beta testers, Windows 7’s efficiency and performance is drastically better than that of Vista.

So why is this relevant to someone buying a notebook for school?

Windows 7 will likely not be available until the holiday season of 2009. However, if you buy your notebook with Vista (Home Premium, Business or Ultimate editions only) after June 26th (which is a date set by Microsoft), you will be eligible to upgrade to Windows 7 for free when Windows 7 is realeased.

So, if you can hold-off buying until June, this could be a reason to do so.

Note: Vista Basic is not eligible.

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