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The Admit weekend homework assignment has just arrived.  The reading is for the Class Immersion Experience which will be an “interactive class” in Marketing taught by Prof.  Jim Lattin. The class immersion is basically an enhanced  class visit. There are no regular classes that prospective students can sit in on during admit weekend.

Reading involves a case titled Vocera Communications (32 page document).

There’s also a 35 page optional reading assignment related to the case from The Complete Guide to Accelerating Sales  Force Performance (the first chapter).

Prof. Lattin has taught the introductory marketing class for first-years for the last 20 years. This should be very interesting I think.

There are also study groups assigned! We find these assignments on the first day of the admit weekend. Cold calls are promised as well!

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If you are a prospective student and looking to apply for financial aid my advice is to apply as early as you can. Don’t wait to hear back from a school before you apply. The FAFSA (and CSS profile) can sometimes take some time to process and if there are unexpected hurdles (like the selective service issue that I ran into), applying early will allow you time to resolve these rather than putting your entire financial aid application on hold and running the risk of being pushed to the back of the line for financial aid at your school. The best time is as soon as you have enough information to complete your tax return, I think.

I wish I applied earlier, I wouldn’t be waiting 4-6 weeks for a Selective Service response if I had.

The GSB financial aid staff has been really helpful and nice, They’ve been helping me get over a couple of hurdles I ran into over the last couple of days. Fingers crossed!

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As expected the selective service stuff has become a bit of headache. Hmm

I didn’t become a resident until after my 26th birthday so I am exempt, however, I’m sure I’ll have to do a lot of work to prove it.

Note from the FinAid office:

The Selective Service reported that you have not registered with them. If you have not yet registered, please complete a Selective Service registration form at your local post office, or register online at www.sss.gov. If you believe you have already registered or are exempt, please contact the Selective Service at 847-688-6888.

The law provides that a person demonstrating by a preponderance of evidence that his failure to register was not knowing and willful, may receive federal student aid.  A non-registrant student seeking federal student aid must contact to the Selective Service to obtain a Status Information Letter addressing his failure to register.  The Selective Service provides a Request for Status Information Letter form on their website (www.sss.gov <http://www.sss.gov>).  The form requests that the student should provide a complete reason with any supporting documentation why his failure was not knowing and willful (e.g., where he was living during this period when he should have registered or his citizenship status during this period of time, if applicable).  A Status Information Letter by the Selective Service is sent within 4 to 6 weeks.

The GSB would request that you send a copy of the Status Information Letter from the Selective Service to the Financial Aid Office.  In addition, we request that you send an explanation and any supporting documentation that your failure was not knowing and willful.  Once this information is reviewed, the Financial Aid Office will notify you if you may receive federal student aid. Otherwise, please contact the Selective Service office to register for the draft or to obtain a letter of exemption. We will need this completed before federal aid can be disbursed.

Four to six weeks!

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admit binderI received the admit binder from the GSB a few days ago. I loved the quote from my essays written by Derrick on the welcome letter, but the rest of it seems like a lot of work!

Homework, IT, Housing, Fin Aid and a whole lot of other things to take care of.

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Admit Weekend is two weeks away!

I’m excited, and a little nervous. The classmate profiles on the Facebook group looked so impressive. Nuclear Submarine Officer, wow!

I booked flights, hotels and car rentals (don’t want a repeat of my last visit to the GSB where I got lost taking the bus and wondered around San Jose dragging my bag around at 2:30AM) for me and my wife. She’ll only be coming for the Sunday events (admit weekend is Sunday and Monday). I was confused why this was the case until I noticed that HBS admit weekend is during the earlier part of the same weekend, I guess they are trying to give cross admits a chance to visit both schools.

For hotels, everyone should use Priceline! I have booked sub $45 rooms in Boston, Palo Alto, Philadelphia multiple times with no issues at all. It’s amazing. I had a friend who was interviewing at Wharton who went into a hotel right by the school and they quoted him $180 for the night. He called me and I did a priceline search, got the exact same hotel for $80 for a same day check-in.

Seems like most of the unofficial Saturday events are focused on mingling, dinner etc with Monday getting more formal. I think my wife would have enjoyed some of the SO events on Monday that she will be missing. But she needs to be back in class in Miami on Monday.

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The recommended deadline for financial aid apps for round 2 admits was Friday. I thought I got everything in until I took a second look at my FAFSA, SAR (Student Aid Report).

First there’s a “*C” next to my expected contribution.. hmmm. It turns out the star means I’ve been tagged for verification, which is OK since I think the GSB verifies everyone anyway. But the “C” means theirs an eligibility issue. Reading through the SAR, I noticed a note that said that I have not registered for Selective Service.

Of course I haven’t, I wasn’t a US resident until I was past 26! I sense a lot of annoying paperwork, hopefully this will be easier to clear up that I think. I think I may have been responsible for this because in my form I saw the Selective Service field and selected “Register Me” not knowing that you can’t register after you pass 26.. Hmm.

The FAFSA also added a highlight flag where I said the household will have two members going to college, me and my wife who will continue to be in Miami (attending UM).

Well, hopefully things will work out, I need to call the Financial Aid office on Monday I think.

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I thought it would be best to start off this blog with one of the nicest moments in this experience so far. On April 2nd, I woke up at 6:30 AM to find a voicemail message from the Stanford GSB in my office VM box.

It was a message from Derrick Bolton, I haven’t met him yet but he seems like such a nice guy. My wife loved the reference to her in the message, very personal and welcoming.

The last six months of research, planning, essay writing, GMAT, applications and interviews have paid off!

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