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If you are a prospective student and looking to apply for financial aid my advice is to apply as early as you can. Don’t wait to hear back from a school before you apply. The FAFSA (and CSS profile) can sometimes take some time to process and if there are unexpected hurdles (like the selective service issue that I ran into), applying early will allow you time to resolve these rather than putting your entire financial aid application on hold and running the risk of being pushed to the back of the line for financial aid at your school. The best time is as soon as you have enough information to complete your tax return, I think.

I wish I applied earlier, I wouldn’t be waiting 4-6 weeks for a Selective Service response if I had.

The GSB financial aid staff has been really helpful and nice, They’ve been helping me get over a couple of hurdles I ran into over the last couple of days. Fingers crossed!

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The recommended deadline for financial aid apps for round 2 admits was Friday. I thought I got everything in until I took a second look at my FAFSA, SAR (Student Aid Report).

First there’s a “*C” next to my expected contribution.. hmmm. It turns out the star means I’ve been tagged for verification, which is OK since I think the GSB verifies everyone anyway. But the “C” means theirs an eligibility issue. Reading through the SAR, I noticed a note that said that I have not registered for Selective Service.

Of course I haven’t, I wasn’t a US resident until I was past 26! I sense a lot of annoying paperwork, hopefully this will be easier to clear up that I think. I think I may have been responsible for this because in my form I saw the Selective Service field and selected “Register Me” not knowing that you can’t register after you pass 26.. Hmm.

The FAFSA also added a highlight flag where I said the household will have two members going to college, me and my wife who will continue to be in Miami (attending UM).

Well, hopefully things will work out, I need to call the Financial Aid office on Monday I think.

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