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Admit Weekend is two weeks away!

I’m excited, and a little nervous. The classmate profiles on the Facebook group looked so impressive. Nuclear Submarine Officer, wow!

I booked flights, hotels and car rentals (don’t want a repeat of my last visit to the GSB where I got lost taking the bus and wondered around San Jose dragging my bag around at 2:30AM) for me and my wife. She’ll only be coming for the Sunday events (admit weekend is Sunday and Monday). I was confused why this was the case until I noticed that HBS admit weekend is during the earlier part of the same weekend, I guess they are trying to give cross admits a chance to visit both schools.

For hotels, everyone should use Priceline! I have booked sub $45 rooms in Boston, Palo Alto, Philadelphia multiple times with no issues at all. It’s amazing. I had a friend who was interviewing at Wharton who went into a hotel right by the school and they quoted him $180 for the night. He called me and I did a priceline search, got the exact same hotel for $80 for a same day check-in.

Seems like most of the unofficial Saturday events are focused on mingling, dinner etc with Monday getting more formal. I think my wife would have enjoyed some of the SO events on Monday that she will be missing. But she needs to be back in class in Miami on Monday.

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