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At each game of the IPL (Indian Premier League) there is a contest where one lady is selected. The final contest winner will be starring in a Bollywood movie with Shahrukh Khan.

During today’s game between the Chennai Super Kings and the Bangalore Royal Challengers (The Royal Challengers are being massacred as usual, despite the inclusion of Kevin Pieterson), a lady was picked from the crowd (Tammy).

I thought the exchange below was pretty funny (sorry if its not exactly word for word):

Commentator: Who’s your favorite Bollywood actor?

Tammy: Shakur Khan (yes she said SHAKUR, and the commentator didn’t know any better either).

Commentator: Shakur Khan, very good answer you’ve probably seen him around at the tournament, what would you ask Shakur when you meet him?

Tammy: I would ask Shakur to show me some Bollywood moves of course!

Ouch, this game is getting painful to watch (14 runs required per over).  Dravid is watching from the non-strikers end as the 7th wicket falls. Murali is spinning some of his magic here.
As I’m editing this post the 8th wicket falls as well: 74 for 8.

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ipl-pic-for-blogWoke up this morning at 6:30 AM (about 5 hours before my Saturday regular wake-up time) to watch the Mumbai Indians go up against the Chennai Super Kings. My favorite player Sanath Jayasuirya has been dismissed already and we’ve also had an extended delay because of a dog who walked on to the field! It was great to watch a team of like 20 people chasing the dog around without a clue of how to get him out.

As I watch, I can’t help feeling that we’ve lost a lot from the IPL this year. South Africa is great but the crowds don’t seem to be as big or to have as much energy as the crowds we’ve gotten used to from the IPL last year in India: unfortunate. It’s actually pretty quiet. And they are cheering for Flintoff and ignoring Sachin, how messed up is that!

Well, hopefully things will get better as the tournament progresses.

As I write this there are back to back boundaries: the crowd is still silent. hmm.

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