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Recently, I bought a flat screen TV. A 46 inch beauty that takes up about half the space in my tiny EV studio. The TV is made by Panasonic and the picture quality and black levels are amazing. Most readers of this blog, familiar with technology will by now know that the TV I bought is a plasma (the flat panel technology that Panasonic is backing).  As I was doing my research to buy my TV (the P46G10), it struck me that the TV that has better picture quality, better black levels and better viewing angles in almost the same form factor is being ignored and is therefore cheaper. LCD TVs are really ruling the flat panel TV world. The reason I’ve heard quoted many times is that people like to buy TV at stores which are typically brightly lit environments and in that setting LCD provides an eye-catching, bright image that salesmen love.

This obviously has many advantages for me, a plasma TV buyer who prioritizes picture quality and black levels in movies over everything else.  I also have the advantage of being an almost exclusively online buyer, shielded from the charms of salesmen at the big electronics stores. Because of the lack of demand, excellent plasma TVs like the one I bought made by Panasonic are heavily discounted. The legendary Pioneer Kuro line of plasmas is also no longer in production. As I think about this, I feel really bad for consumers who are pressured in stores to spend thousands of dollars for the latest in LCD TV, when they can easily purchase similar or better quality plasma screens for a fraction of the cost.  The only party that seems to still believe that plasma is alive is Panasonic that continues to churn out amazing TVs with constantly improving picture quality. However, I can only guess as to how long they can continue to do this in light of the onslaught from vendors who aggressively push LCD technology on consumers.


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