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I recently had the opportunity to play with a new Google Nexus One. On the face of things, it’s a beautiful phone with great graphics and a very responsive UI (the responsiveness definitely puts my iPhone to shame). I also love the speech recognition that is embedded within the OS.

But I didn’t end my session with my usual, “oh, I have to get one of these” for a couple of reasons.

– For browsing, not having multi-touch really sucks.

– From what I heard from the owner, the battery life doesn’t seem that great.

– Most importantly, I’m skeptical about how much developers will be able to fully develop Android apps without customizing for each phone because of quite significant differences in Android phone models. trackballs, keyboards, or lack of etc.

– I’m not sure what Google is doing with selling the phone independent of Carrier/contract is really that radical. This has been done by lot’s of other phone manufacturers like Nokia for many years.

– The phone will not work on AT&T’s 3G network, so you’re stuck with T-Mobile who has a long way to go with their network coverage.

Overall though, it’s great to see some alternative multimedia smart phones out there. I’m tired of every single person I meet on campus having an iPhone.


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